BUDA VIDA which translates to “the Buddha Life” is a gourmet 100% organic eco-restaurant that is fusing the most popular cuisine from around the globe. With our “farm to table” model ... all meat, plant-based meats & produce are sourced locally & seasonally.

If you’re gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, keto, or a serious carnivore ... BUDA VIDA has you covered on every level. 

Executive Chef  |   Jerumel Laygo

Executive Chef  |  Jerumel Laygo

our chef

Our international menu was designed by Executive Chef: Jerumel Laygo, who graduated Le Cordon Bleu, staged at El Bulli, launched The Topanga Table ... and has a prolific list
of celebrity clients. Jerumel believes “food is medicine” and sources all ingredients from the most quality, ethical farms in the surrounding local area.

our ECO-mission + growtainer

BUDA VIDA’s mission is to bring healthiest, most affordable gourmet cuisine to the masses. Dedicated to being entirely 100%  sustainable from “farm to roof” ... all of BUDA VIDA's eco-restaurants are custom designed from repurposed shipping containers & powered by solar. MEANING almost all our produce will be grown onsite, using a state-of-the-art shipping container grow facility from the ingenious minds of growtainers.com.

our nonprofit

A percentage of every dollar of our revenue will be donated to our partnering nonprofit :
InUnison.org  ... to feed and provide food to all homeless youth and food-insecure families in Los Angeles.

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